Listening carefully to its unique temperament,

Château de Pressac continually perfects
its approach to winegrowing.
From replanting to extensions,

the estate has, for more than 20 years now,
developed alongside the people at its helm,

always with the aim of ensuring sustainable
and responsible environmental practices.

The fine-tuned choice of grape varieties is combined
with a personalised approach to each plot.

Plot-by-plot management has become a guiding principle,
with growing practices adapted
to each of the components
found in the estate's rich patchwork of soils.

In the spirit of the 18th century, when it was the first
to plant the grape variety that would later bear
its name
– the Noir de Pressac or Malbec variety –
the estate develops non-invasive, innovative strategies.

From ploughing to natural and sown green cover...
Like true watchmen,
the teams support the vineyard's development in such a way as to ensure

that every grape variety benefits
from the ideal conditions for its growth and expression.

The dialogue between man and vine
can take place only with time.

This is one of the fundamental pillars of
the estate's philosophy.
Through their loyalty,
permanent staff and seasonal workers,
as well as apprentices-turned-managers
and external contractors alike ensure the ongoing presence required to understand

the different terroirs and their deeply ingrained identities.

Precision and craftsmanship:
harvests completed entirely by hand are combined with

cutting-edge densimetric sorting that retains
only the highest-quality bunches,

as well as gravity-flow transfers
that ensure maximum integrity of each grape.

From the vineyard to the technical facilities,
work to expand and update the site is carried out regularly.
The winemaking cellar was completely redesigned in 1999,
a second winemaking cellar added in 2012,
and plans for a third winemaking cellar
and second ageing cellar approved in 2017.

The new truncated cone-shaped stainless-steel vats
bring further precision to plot-by-plot
selection while gravity-flow transfers
ensure maximum integrity of the grapes.

Since purchasing the estate in 1997,
Jean-François and Dominique Quenin
have been dedicated to bringing it to life.

Their careful choices, from the vine to the cellar,
are based on a long-term vision
and the sustainable development
of the estate and its wines over time.

Modernization, management and development

– all while making the most of contemporary knowledge –

are guided by the desire for excellence
and longevity from one generation to the next.

Jean-François et Dominique Quenin, Owners

Yannick Reyrel,
Technical Director